Tired of running around for
BBQ cylinder refills...

dealing with locked cages...

and paying more, for less?

Next time,
order with Altogas, and relax!

20 lb. 

Grill Tank Exchange


20 lb. 

New Grill Tanks


Commercial small (1)

We fuel fork lift trucks, space heating, motor fuel, temporary construction heating, cutting torches and cylinder exchange services.


We serve the “food basket” of Michigan providing propane use for a number of farm operations including crop drying and weed control.


We heat your home and offer appliances such as stove-tops, ovens and clothes dryers. We also offer heat lamps, grills and heating for pools and spas.


Our engine pros are converting vehicles to propane giving our customers huge savings on fuel cost. From one to a hundred vehicles we have you covered.

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