Turkey Boiler Safety

Original Article: https://momwithaprep.com/turkey-frying-safety-tips/ If you’re going to give the ultimate way to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving, follow these thirteen turkey frying safety tips to

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Weatherize Your Home

Source: heatingmyhome.org/weatherize.html • Caulk:  Caulk, a versatile sealant, is often used in silicone form around bathtubs, pipes, and plumbing fixtures. However, it’s also great for combating

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Patio Heater Maintanence

Original Articles By: https://www.aeicorporation.com/blog/repair-and-maintenance-for-outdoor-heaters https://shop.firesense.com/blogs/patio-heater/patio-heater-trouble-shooting-guide Patio heaters provide a comfortable environment during the cool fall and winter months by raising the nearby air temperature. Whether for

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