Altogas has a number of propane programs to fit your needs. Look for more pricing information later this month.

Pre-Buy Program

Pre-Buy offers you the lowest possible rate for your propane. You pay in advance at a special pre-buy price (plus sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable), and your fuel is delivered as you need it. You can pre-buy up to a two year supply! 

Altogas Advantage Plan

Our Advantage Plan gives you a guaranteed fixed rate two years (plus sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable). While market rates may rise or fall, you pay a fixed rate that will not change from the time you sign up until 2022. 

Price Cap Protection

This option protects you with a special cap price (plus sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable), plus gives you the advantage of paying a lower rate in the event market rates drop. If fuel rates rise, you only pay your cap rate. If prices fall, you pay the lower rate.

Budget Payment Plan with Cap

Our budget option offers a fixed price with easy monthly billing. It provides you with the convenience of 10 equal, fixed monthly payments that are due on the 20th of each month.