We’re here to offer you the best value and service at the most competitive price.

At no extra cost, you can have Altogas monitor your propane tank and automatically a make delivery once your tank hits a certain level. Or, if you like to monitor your propane tank yourself, simply use Altogas’ mobile app and contact us when you need fuel.

Our office managers are available at our four locations to answer any of your questions. 

Thank You For Putting Your Trust in Altogas to Fuel Your Propane Needs

Propane Deliveries:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. — 4 p.m.
Saturdays – during the Winter season

Emergency Service 24/7

Types of Plans


This allows you to pre-buy your annual propane gallons at Altogas’ lowest fixed contract price for the upcoming season. To secure this price, simply make one full payment at the time of enrollment.

Fixed Price:

This allows you to lock-in the volume of propane you’ll need for the heating season at a low price.

Budget Payment:

Once you lock-in your propane price, Altogas can help make payments easier by spreading the payments out over a 10-month period.

Payment Methods

Pay Online:

There’s no worry of late fees with this option. Set up your personal Altogas account on our secure payment portal with either a bank account or credit card. Pay your bill anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 access.

Pay by Mail:

Use the address listed on your bill to make a payment.

Pay by Phone:

Call your local Altogas office.

Delivery Options

Auto-Fill Delivery

With Auto – Fill Delivery, Altogas monitors your propane usage in real time using tank-monitor-technology. When Altogas sees your propane-gauge read below 35%, we’ll automatically make a fuel delivery to fill your tank.

Select this service on your Altogas Customer Service Agreement, and maintain a current balance on your account. 

Will-Call Delivery Option

This option puts you in control of ordering your propane when you need it. 

You monitor your own propane tank gauge and if your propane gauge reads below 35%, you must call the office to schedule a delivery—with a required minimum order of 250-gallons.

Please allow for up to 5 days to make the delivery.


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