Why Is Our Propane Vehicle Conversions So Popular?


Michigan's Conversion Center

Individuals and fleet managers in Michigan are converting their vehicles over to propane to save on fuel cost, lower their maintenance cost and it is a clean burning fuel (according the EPA). 

Scott Underwood, our Altogas green fuel manager, can tell you in one quick email if converting your vehicle is a good fit. The future of propane is very stable compared to the volatile gasoline industry and may save you several thousands of dollars per vehicle. Our systems are dual systems, this means you do not give up your ability to run on gasoline. With the flip of a switch it will revert to gasoline. 

We install only DOT and EPA certified systems, ensuring your vehicles are the safest, most reliable road legal systems available. Propane is an inherently clean burning fuel due to its lower carbon content. 

Scott Underwood, Altogas

Why Should You Convert Your Vehicle?


Cut your fleets fuel bill to around $1.00/gallon.


Help save the environment by going green and reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.


Our State and Federal rebates for every gallon of propane used.


Reduce your oil changes needed each year by 50%.


Increase engine life significantly.


Increase horsepower in your engines.

Who Is Using Propane Vehicles?

Known as Autogas, propane vehicles are proven to be a cleaner, safer and cheaper fuel than gasoline or diesel. Numerous countries have been leading the way in advancing Autogas-powered vehicles – the United States is not among them. According to studies released in 2005 and 2009 by the World Liquid Petroleum Gas Association (WLPGA), the global Autogas industry authority, the U.S. Autogas market has remained largely unchanged over the last decade. In contrast, most countries saw a substantial increase in Autogas vehicles, even those that had little to no Autogas vehicle market in 2000.

School Bus

Charlotte Public School Running on Propane.

Senator Barrett Filling a F-150

Charlotte Plant Manager, Chris Cole 

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