Propane Safety

Where should I set my Altogas Propane Tank?

Knowing where to set your propane tank is the first step in propane safety. The most common propane tank sizes used today are: 250 gallons, 500 gallons and 1000 gallons. They must be at least (10) feet from both the house and the property line.

For proper delivery service, your tank should not sit more than (80) feet from your driveway. We do carry a (100) foot hose; however, we reserve the extra length for obstacles like cars and snow banks.


Tank Gauge Reading

The numbers on your gauge tell you the percentage of gas remaining in your tank. The gauge to the left, for example, shows a tank that has 35% of remaining propane and is based on the total amount it can hold. (Note: You should never allow your tank to fall below 10% capacity.)

TO FIND OUT HOW MANY GALLONS YOU HAVE LEFT, simply multiply the percentage on your gauge by your tank size. For our example above, that would be .35 X 250 = 87.5 gallons remaining. Make sure you know your tank size (150, 250, or 500 gallons)

Special Note:

If you ever smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off all the gas at the tank. Open the area to fresh air. Do not do anything that could cause a spark. Call us immediately!

If you Run Out of Gas:

Letting your propane tank run empty creates additional hazards. If you run out of gas and lose pressure in the system, a potentially hazardous condition can result. If you do run out of gas, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all control valves on all gas appliances.
  2. Turn off the shutoff valve on the propane container(s).
  3. Call Altogas to arrange for delivery and advise them you are out of gas.
  4. Don’t turn the gas back on yourself. Let us do it. When you schedule your fill, be sure it is at a time when you will be at home. This way we can relight and check your appliances and your system to ensure they are operating properly and leak free.
  5. After your tank is refilled, have a service technician check IMMEDIATELY to see that all safety controls are functioning properly and that the piping system is leak free.

How to Turn Off A Propane Tank

How to Read a Tank Gauge

Propane Safety in Your Home

Share these propane safety tips with everyone in your household at least once a year!

Know the Location of Your Shutoff Valve

Propane stores very safely. However, there are rare occasions when damage or deterioration creates a leak. If a leak occurs a spark could ignite it. If you suspect you may have a leak, shutting off your main propane supply at the tank will make the situation safer until help arrives. Rather than wait for an emergency, take a moment now to learn the location of your shutoff valve and how it works.


What to do if You Smell Gas

1. Don’t touch any light switches, appliances, cell phones, or land line phones

2. Extinguish ALL flames and cigarettes immediately

3. Shut off the propane supply at the tank if you feel it is safe to do so

4. Take your family to a safe location far away from the leak

5. Call Altogas, 911, or your fire department from a location far away from the leak

6. Stay away from your home until the leak has been fixed by a trained professional