We serve the “food basket” of Michigan providing agricultural propane use for a number of farm operations including crop drying and weed control.

Agricultural Propane Tank
Installation & Delivery

Complete safety check performed at time of installation

Automatic or Will-Call delivery options available

Emergency service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No installation fees or tank lease charges

Fast, Friendly, Reliable Service

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Delivery & Payment Methods

Auto Refill

For your convenience, all customers can be put on our computer generated, automatic refill system. When your tank falls below 35%, our dispatchers will be notified and your delivery will be scheduled automatically. You must sign up for this service and have your credit approved. (Your account must be kept current in order to receive refills automatically.)

Will Call

Order your propane on an as needed basis. You will need to monitor your own supply and order a minimum of two hundred gallons. (Propane is delivered Monday through Friday during regular working hours and on Saturdays during the winter season.)

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We fuel fork lift trucks, space heating, motor fuel, temporary construction heating, cutting torches and cylinder exchange services.

We heat your home and offer appliances such as stove-tops, ovens and clothes dryers. We also offer heat lamps, grills and heating for pools and spas.

Our engine pros are converting vehicles to propane giving our customers huge savings on fuel cost. From one to a hundred vehicles we have you covered.

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