We are pleased to once again offer you three extra pricing/payment options designed to help you control your propane costs. These plans are available for whole home/business heating accounts (using a 330 gallon tank or greater). 

Please don’t delay — enrollment ends June 30, 2024

or while supplies last!

Pre-Buy Program


 Pre-buy offers the LOWEST POSSIBLE RATE for your propane. You pay in advance in full at a special pre-season price of $1.949/gallon, and your fuel is delivered as you need it. Pre-buy also allows you to purchase up to a two year supply! That means you can buy enough fuel to last through 4/30/26 at this special rate. 

Price noted does not include sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable. Payment due in full at the time you enroll. If you pre-purchase propane but do not receive all your propane by your chosen contract end date, excess pre-purchase payments will remain as a credit on your account to be used toward subsequent propane purchases at current market rates. If you need more fuel than you pre-purchased, additional gallons are priced at the market rate at the time of delivery. 

Budget Payment Plan
with Fixed Rate

Budget with fixed rate: $2.099/gallon

Our budget option combines a FIXED RATE with the added convenience of 12 EQUAL MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Your payments are customized to your usage, and are always due on the 20th of each month. 

Make twelve equal monthly payments beginning on 8/20/24 and ending with your last payment on 7/20/25. If two consecutive budget payments are delinquent, a $29.99 reinstatement fee will be assessed to your account for every month you are behind. Budgets will be recalculated in January 2025 and could be increased or decreased depending on propane usage. Please note: if you successfully completed the 2023-24 Budget Program, you will automatically be enrolled in the 2024-25 Budget Program, unless you request otherwise. 

Price Cap Protection

Price cap rate: $2.199/gallon

Our price cap option gives you a WIN-WIN SITUATION of always paying the “lowest possible rate.” This year’s program caps your propane rate for the season at $2.199/gallon. That means even if fuel rates rise, your rate is capped at $2.199. Plus, if market rates fall, you benefit with that lower rate! That’s because the cap price isn’t a fixed rate — it’s only there to protect you in the event rates rise. 

 Price noted does not include sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable. Program includes a one-time non-refundable fee of $59.99 due at the time you enroll (tax included). Cap rate good through 4/30/25. If your account is not paid in full within sixty days from the date of delivery, a $29.99 reinstatement fee will be assessed to your account for each additional month you are behind. 

Your fuel delivery method will not change unless you notify your local Altogas office.