Patio Heater Maintenance

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Patio heaters provide a comfortable environment during the cool fall and winter months by raising the nearby air temperature. Whether for business or home use, your outdoor patio heaters will help you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors longer, even when the weather begins to turn cold. When it comes to maintaining your investment in outdoor ambiance, you should insist on regular checks and service as well as high-quality repair work. Replacing worn and broken parts and performing regular inspections and maintenance will significantly increase the life of your heaters.

  1. Check the gas cylinder on a regular basis to make sure the unit has fuel. 

Running out of fuel can damage the starter mechanism if it occurs too often. If the fuel cylinder is full, but the unit still does not lite, the ignition system may need repair or replacement- either in whole or in part. Listen to the burner for a hissing gas sound. If you hear gas moving into the burner, your igniter is the source of the problem.

  • Check for a spark

Heaters equipped with an electric ignition system lite the fuel with a spark. If you see a spark, but the heater does not lite, there may be a blockage stopping the fuel from reaching the spark. If this is the case, you can try to lite the unit using a butane lighter. If this does not work, and the cylinder unit contains fuel- then the fuel delivery line may be clogged or disconnected.

  • Check the ignition system regularly for soot, corrosion, and damage.

If you use your heaters to accommodate customers in outdoor patio areas, it is best to perform your checks early in the day before you need to make use of your heating units. This way, you will have more time to remedy any mechanical problems and keep your guests comfortable. When inspecting and repairing the ignition system for your outdoor heaters, make sure the fuel delivery system is in the off position to avoid accidental ignition.